sábado, 24 de dezembro de 2016

Brazil´s Operation Car Wash: The gigantic corruption scandal will become...

Hundreds of billions of dollars stolen from a nation´s people, a Oil company destroyed and a whole country in danger of becoming a neverending Stealingcracy:

Against it, a few dozens of brave men and women in the Federal Police, a few judges and prossectors that money could not buy.
This gigantic tragedy happened in Brazil, and it is still happening. And now it will become  NETFLIX Series. The heroes will be worldwide know forever and the evil that was made will be world infamy for the ages.
 José Padilha (Robocop, Elite Squad, Narcos) is working hard to make the Series a reality in 2017.
Lula, the ex-president, went to ONU to try preventing the series from release, courthouses actions also were taken from the Workers Party to destroy the project.
Will it see the light of day?

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